Sunday, February 10, 2013


When I was on Facebook, an ad appeared that said "Be more than a tourist. Join the Peace Corps."  I then decided to google the quote to find an image to post on my blog, but what I found was an article describing why NOT to join the peace corps, as well as advice about doing "voluntourism."  I googled "voluntourism" and found this site:

The "traveler" tab on the left remarks:

This may be the first time that you have ever considered combining travel and service. Prior to this you may have been unsure that these two experiences, and the joy and fulfillment associated with them, could be synergized and harmoniously blended into one consumable opportunity. VolunTourism represents the blending of your favorite passions and, perhaps, pastimes.

History, culture, geography, environment, and the recreation of exploration meet the inspiration of your voluntary efforts in serving a destination and its residents. Body, mind, and soul respond to the awakening of thoughts, feelings, emotions, via a labor of gratitude that is offered as a part of your overall itinerary.

VolunTourism provides you with perspective and balance. You are able to utilize your “six” senses and interact with your destination in ways that had previously existed beyond your capacity of expectation. This is travel that unites your purpose and passion and ignites your enthusiasm in ways unimaginable.

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