Wednesday, March 27, 2013


St. Augustine pier offers a moment to consider what it means "to worry," whether "worrying" is healthy, productive, and if there is a better word describe "worrying."

"I've been working on my aesthetic attitude."
"What does that mean?  Can you put that in everyday people's language?"
"Well, what does "aesthetic" mean?"
. . .
"And what does "attitude" mean?"
. . .
"I think you should give more credit to everyday people to be able to think in complex ways.  While academic jargon is at times exclusive and unproductive, I don't think these complex ideas should have a simplified language.  And I think everyday people should push themselves to better understand the ideas and learn the language.  They have the capacity."

"All men [humans] are intellectuals, one could therefore say; but all men do not have the function of intellectuals in society" - Antonio Gramsci (The Modern Prince & other writings 121).

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